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April 2017

Condominium Management
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Condominium Management

The Management has received numerous feedback on used cigarette butts found landed on the Balconies or Private Enclosed Space of the unit. The most recent observations were noted at Stack No. 1 of Block 41 & Stack 13 of Block 43.

We wish to reiterate that all residents to take cautions and considerations of the activities at your balconies. Please also be advised that Residents shall be responsible for the conduct of his/ her family members and invitees at times, ensuring their behaviour is neither offensive to other occupants of the building nor damaging to any portion of the private/ common property. For the cleanliness and safety of the estate, please ensure that the affiliates of your unit; and/or yourself do not dispose any items from your window, balconies and backyard; as high flooring littering poses risks to the people at the lower floors and may also cause damages to the properties. It may also cause serious injuries or taking the lives of a person away!

We have received numerous feedbacks from Residents who have been smelling traces of cigarettes smokes when they are at home and through their Aircon Condenser when it is switched on.

We wish to advise Residents who have been smoking within the unit to refrain from smoking at the balconies of your unit as the smoke may go up intensively to the units’ right above and/ or beside. For the consideration of your neighbours, please smoke within your unit with your window/ balconies open for air circulation.

Please also be reminded that smoking is not allowed at these facilities/ places as per regulations imposed by the National Environment Agency (NEA): –
Basement Car Parks/ Corridors/ Cover Walkways and Link ways/Common Indoor Areas & Facilities/ Common Outdoor Areas & Facilities/ Lift Lobbies/ Playground/ Staircases/ Stairwell/ Swimming Pools/ Tennis Court/ Tower Lobbies

The Management Office has placed up ‘No Smoking’ signs at some of the above-mentioned areas which we observed to have indication of smoking activities.

There have been numerous feedbacks by residents to improve some areas of concerns along the Driveway from the Entrance/ Exit to the Car Park. Please be informed that the safety concern on the subject matter has been brought to the Developer & Architect’s attention. They had replied that they are currently reviewing the matters and we will keep the residents informed with further updates once we received its progress.

Please be advised that the Car Driver(s) should drive with low speed i.e. 15 km/ hr and with cautious along the Driveway from Entrance/ Exit towards the in/ Out Car Park in view of the safety of the pedestrians along the Walkway and also to watch out for cars that could have cut into your lane along the way.

Please also drive towards the car park by making a turn at the roundabout before driving towards the Car Park Ramp instead of driving in by cutting into the exit lane.

There are incidences where vehicles are driving in high speed, wrong direction and cutting into opposite lane; and such reckless driving will potentially cause unforeseen accidents to occur.

For the safety of the pedestrians and all road users at Thomson Three, we strongly seek the cooperation of all drivers to drive with cautious and in due diligence by driving at slow speed i.e. 15km/ hour when approaching the concerned junction and along the Driveway to avoid and minimise any traffic incidents around the estate.

We wish to advise as of 1st April 2017, we have installed a water tap with lock around Parking Lots No. 419 to 422 at Basement 2 Car Park at Thomson Three to facilitate residents who may wish to collect water to dry clean their cars around the said parking lots.

For usage, please contact the Guardhouse at 6481 5491 to request the Guard to bring down the key to unlock/ lock the water tap for your usage accordingly. The Guard would record down the Unit No. and they may also request you to produce the Facility Pass for their verifications.

Please assist to provide the information/ Facility Pass upon their verification. Please also contact the Guardhouse to come to lock back the water tap after your usage.

We wish to advise all residents to apply for the Resident Pass as going forward, the guards would be requesting to see the Resident Pass before releasing the booked Facilities on the day of the event to the Resident accordingly.

To be eligible for the issuance of a Resident Pass, the applicant must be resident in Thomson Three on a permanent basis and his/ her identification card must show the Thomson Three address.

Owners who are not resident in Thomson Three and who has tenanted out their premises are not eligible to apply for a Resident Pass as their rights to the use and booking of the facilities have been transferred to the lease. The Management Office reserves the rights to deactivate the Owners’ rights to book for the facility online upon Tenant’s application for the Resident Pass with the Management Office. The owner and/ or previous tenant must return his/ her Resident Pass, if any, prior to the issuance of the Resident Pass to the tenants. Please also apply for the refund of the deposit for the booking of the Facilities at the Management Office two months in advance prior to moving out of the estate.

For tenanted apartment, Resident Pass will be issued only to tenants and he/ she is required to obtain a letter of authorisation from the owner to instruct the Management too issue to the tenant of the Resident Pass. There would a requirement for the Tenant to apply the Resident Pass at a fee of S$10 per card (excluding GST and non-refundable).

Owing to large number of Resident and to prevent any unauthorised use of the facilities, the following persons are not allowed to apply for Resident Pass:

Owners who have leased out their apartments/ Maids, chauffeurs and other employees of Residents/ Guest on temporary stay in the development/ Child below 12 years old.

Residents are advised to apply for the Resident Pass promptly to validate their booking and their eligibilities to use the facilities at Thomson Three. Residents are required to present the Facilities Pass to the Guards and/ or personnel from the Management Office when requested.

We wish to advise all Residents to Point 13 of Page 7 of the Resident Handbook as follows: –
Private parties are limited to designated areas, where prior approval shall be obtained from the Management Office, such as the barbecue stations, Dining Rooms and with the unit only; private parties by Subsidiary Proprietors shall not be held at the Chill-Out Pavilion, Poolside Pavilion, Poolside Gazebos and Private Karaoke Room.

Please be advised that the area outside the Dining Rooms that are of timber flooring are considered as common area and are not meant to be use for your private parties. Please do not host events/ parties and/ or place table of catered food at that area. Any placement of table and chairs on the said timber decking may cause scratches, and the Management shall reserve the right to forfeit the Deposit from the unit to make good the damaged surfaces.

We wish to advise all Residents who wish to cancel for the booking made online at least two (2) weeks before the booking date. Resident who could not cancel the booking before two (2) weeks before the booking date online are to seek for Management Office to assist them with the cancellation. Residents whom have only made the cancellation 3 days before or on the day of the booking date are deem to have made the booking without proper cancellation.

Please refer to Point 3(c) on Page 72 of the Resident Handbook as follows: –
To discourage frivolous bookings, residents who fail to turn up after two (2) booking and without proper cancellation will be barred from the use of the facility during the next two (2) months commencing from the last booking.

Please do not make frivolous booking for the facilities to be of good use by the other Residents.

We have received feedback from residents about being bitten by mosquitoes at home; particularly from Block 41 recently.

We wish to advise that the Aedes mosquito breeds in artificial containers mainly found in homes, and its life-cycle averages seven days. To curtail the Dengue/ Zika outbreak, we seek for your assistance to prevent the breeding of the mosquitoes in your home.

To break the breeding cycle, please do the 5-step Mozzie Wipeout, as follows:

1. Change water in vases and bowls on alternate days/ 2. Remove water from flower pot plates on alternate days/ 3. Turn over all water storage containers/ 4. Cover bamboo pole holders when not in use/ 5. Clear blockages and put BTI insecticide in roof gutters monthly

For more information, go to http://www.dengue.gov.sg/#. Please be advised to remain vigilant by doing the mozzie wipeout once a week and spray insecticide in dark corners such as under the bed, sofa and curtains at home.

Please also contact the management office at 6481 5246 if you encounter any mosquito breeding habitat in the estate. We appreciate your attention and co-operation in the joint defend against Dengue/ Zika Viruses Outbreak.

We have received feedback from Residents about neighbours placing bicycle(s) and shoe racks at the common lobbies.

We also wish to seek for your co-operation not to place your personal items at the common area outside your unit as it is a requirement by the SCDF that it should be free of obstruction for easy access to escape routes in any emergencies. Stacking and placing of items at the common area is prohibited as it increases the likelihood of fire (Fire Hazards).

Please be advised that the Management Office would continue to issue Advisory Notice(s) on the items that have been left at the common area. For the safety of all residents, we would appreciate if you could clear/ remove any of your belongings from the common area soonest possible.

We have received feedback that stone peddles and/ or other unknown objects were found within the pool. Resident was also observed to have spitted onto the planters around the Gym areas. All of the mentioned behaviours should be refrained for keeping the facilities clean and safe for the others. We wish to advise that residents have to do their part to ensure that the residents or their family members use the equipment and the facilities with diligent care.

The Management would like to seek the cooperation of all the Residents to keep the facility areas safe and clean for the other users.

We seek your assistance and co-operation on the above to promote good neighbourliness among your residents.

Last but not least, our Management Office wish to take this opportunity to wish all residents of Thomson Three a “Happy Easter”.

For any questions or concerns, feel free to call the Management Office at +6564815246 or send an email to thomsonthree.ma@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

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Angie Lim

Condominium Manager

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