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February 2017

Condominium Management
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Condominium Management

There are feedbacks received from some concerned residents on noticing units at Thomson Three being advertised for short term leasing at AirBnb website. In Singapore, owners of both private residential properties and HDB flats should not sublet their premises on a short-term basis to tourists, as this will lead to high turnover of occupants and high human traffic, which could cause nuisance and safety concerns to the neighbours. Premises that are approved for residential use are for longer term stays of 6 months or more, under URA’s (Urban Redevelopment Authority) guidelines.

The leasing of residential properties (whole unit) or subletting of rooms for residential purpose should be for long term stays of 6 months or more by the same occupiers and the following requirements should be observed:

  1. No internal partitioning works that alter the layout of the property to create more rooms. Such overcrowding can pose safety concerns.
  2. In the case of master tenancies or en-bloc leasing-out, there should only be 1 single tenancy agreement per residential unit to cover the number of occupants for the unit. This does not apply to a single property or individual owner who leases out rooms within his unit to different tenants.
  3. Each occupant should have at least 10 sqm of space. The maximum number of occupants in a residential unit is 8, no matter how big the unit is.
  4. Does not apply if the unit is occupied by a family without any subletting.

The subletting guidelines are stated on the URA’s websites (http://www.ura.gov.sg), and residents may also contact the URA on +62234811 for any clarification on the rules. Stiff penalties apply for the breaching of subletting rules as private home owners can be fined up to $200,000 by URA or jailed for up to 12 months or both.

We do reckon that home owners may occasionally invite their relatives or friends from overseas to stay with them when they visit Singapore. This is a reasonable extension of a home owner’s use of his home, and is not considered renting or subletting of residential premises. However, home owners are advised that this should not result in any nuisance to neighbours. The Management & Security will do our utmost to monitor such activities closely in Thomson Three. Any suspicious cases of such will be reported to URA for handling. To-date, our office has managed to check and contacted three (3) units to delist their advertisements on the Airbnb website. Likewise, any residents who notice any suspicious cases may also keep the Management Office informed.

We have received queries from residents regarding the Electrolux cooker hob supplied in their homes, whether it was under the list of models to be recalled by authorities due to recent cases of explosion. We would like to inform that the equipment installed in Thomson Three does not fall under the affected models, namely: –

If resident require more clarifications, Electrolux customer care can be contacted at customer-care.sin@electrolux.com; and +67273613 or +67273699.

Feedbacks on rodent activities were received from the Residents at the facility area; particularly around the Outdoor Grille & BBQ Stations. With that, we have enlisted our Pest Control company to conduct more intensive checks around the vicinity and we have also treated the identified burrows in the estate in December 2016. The burrows are under treated and the rodent activities are currently under control.

To better combat the rodent activities at the estate, we would also like to seek the cooperation of the residents to tie unwanted foods debris and also put down the cover of the bin provided after the end of your functions and or to throw your food wastes into the bin chute chamber at the common lift lobby of your level. We trust that with the cohesive efforts of everyone, and close follow up by the pest control company, the rodent activities at the estate will be well controlled.

The Management has received feedback from the residents that they observed water was poured out from the window of one of the higher floor unit at Block 41 recently. There has also been numerous feedback on used cigarette butts found landed on the Balconies or Private Enclosed Space of the unit.

We wish to reiterate that all residents to take cautions and considerations when smoking or doing some works at the balconies. Please also be advised that Residents shall be responsible for the conduct of his/ her family members and invitees at times, ensuring their behaviour is neither offensive to other occupants of the building nor damaging to any portion of the private/ common property. For the cleanliness and safety of the estate, please ensure that the affiliates of your unit; and or yourself do not dispose any items from your window, balconies and backyard; as high flooring littering poses risks to the people at the lower floors and may also cause damages to the properties.

Please also be reminded that smoking is not allowed at these facilities/ places as per regulations imposed by the National Environment Agency (NEA): –
Basement Car Parks/ Corridors/ Cover Walkways and Link ways/Common Indoor Areas & Facilities/ Common Outdoor Areas & Facilities/ Lift Lobbies/ Playground/ Staircases/ Stairwell/ Swimming Pools/ Tennis Court/ Tower Lobbies

We wish to inform that the fire policy insurance which is procured by the MCST only covers the structural reinstatement works. The policy does not cover any renovation, fitting out works in the units, as well as all the household contents. We strongly encourage unit owners to take up fire protection for their individual units.

We wish to advise that under the Building and Management Strata Act (BMSMA), the Strata Roll must contain an address within Singapore for the purpose of sending notices and correspondences. Please provide us with an updated address in Singapore so that the important correspondences such as quarterly billing can be delivered promptly to you. There are concerns that quarterly tax invoices and letters may be undelivered and causes non-receipt of the documents. It may also cause late payment interests to be incurred thereafter.

Please collect and submit the Notice of Change of Address Form at the Management Office should you like us to update your latest correspondences addresses under the Strata Roll.

For any questions or concerns, feel free to call the Management Office at +6564815246 or send an email to thomsonthree.ma@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

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Angie Lim

Condominium Manager

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