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February 2019

Condominium Management
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Condominium Management

We would like to give an update on the Estate Matters for your kind attention.

There was an incident of a false alarm after a fire alarm call point button, located at the lift lobbies was pushed and activated. The most recent incident was reported on 16 January 2019 at 11.30 pm.

We wish to reiterate when the fire alarm call point button is pushed, it activates the fire protection system and grounds the lifts in the estate. The fire rescue team from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and the police will also be called upon automatically through the fire rescue system.

Such incidents cause unnecessary alarm to residents and could also result in an imposition of fines by the SCDF to the Management Corporation (MC) for activating its resources unnecessarily. Please note that the MC reserves the right to lodge a police report and charge any fine imposed on the estate to the culprit(s) who activated the fire alarm system.

We would appreciate if all residents could advise their family members and guests that they should only press the fire alarm call point in a case of fire.

We wish to inform that there was power failure on 26 January 2019 between 1.30 pm and 2.00 pm. The cause was due to a fire at the Bright Hill Power Station. You may refer to the link on the related news: –


We wish to advise all residents to remain calm during such incidents. Please either contact the security guardhouse or make your way down via staircases if the lifts are grounded at Level 1 and are not responding to your call. Proceed to the guardhouse for further information.

We have received an invitation by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to co-organise CPR-AED Training for the residents at Thomson Three. We would like to call for interested participants to register your interests at the Management Office to collate the numbers of interested participants before we arrange with MHA on the event date. The interested participants are required to attend one of the two training options as follows: –

Option 1: 4- Hour CPR-AED Certification Training
The 4- hour CPR-AED certification training equips participants with the knowledge and skills to perform cardio- pulmonary resuscitation with the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) machine.

Topics that will be covered during the four-hour training:
1. Identify signs and symptoms of cardiac arrest
2. Principles of resuscitation
3. Procedures and techniques for CPR
4. AED’s functions and procedure to perform on a cardiac arrest victim

Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate in CPR and AED, which is valid for a period of two years.

The 4-hour CPR-AED training is fully subsidized for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, aged 14 years old and above. Foreigners are welcome to join the training at a nominal fee of $10 per person.

Option 2: 1-Hour Dispatcher-Assisted First Responder Plus (Dare+) Programme
The Dispatcher-Assisted First Responder Plus (Dare+) Programme is a 1-hour simplified CPR-AED training focusing on chest compressions. It is a hands-on training where you can learn to save lives in easy steps. Participants will also learn about SGSecure and what to do in the event of a terror attack. Please bear in mind that this is a non-certification training.

The 1-hour DARE training is fully- subsidized for all participants.

If you are interested to attend such trainings, please register your interest with the Management Office before 25 February 2019.

The New Year 2019 celebration organized by the Thomson Three Social Sub-Committee was held on 5 January 2019.
There were magic shows, fun games and prizes for the kids. Feasting on the scrumptious spread of food, residents enjoyed the event with their families and neighbors.

We look forward to your continued participation in future events.

The Management had received continuous feedback on the following:

1. Traces of cigarettes butts and ashes found on the balcony and air-conditioner ledge areas.
The following location has been highlighted:
 Block 41 – Stack 03.

2. Smoking activities at the balcony and air-conditioner ledge areas.
The following locations have been highlighted:
 Block 45 – Stack 15.

3. There has been an increase of general wastes found at the planters all over the landscapes below the blocks. Residents are reminded not to dispose of items out of their balconies and windows.

4. Wet and dripping laundrettes hanging over the ledge of the balcony. Please be reminded not to place wet mops over the window or balcony ledges to prevent water from dripping onto the units located on the lower levels.

5. Dogs’ urine was found at the front door porch of the unit at block 45 and along walkway within the estate. Please be mindful when walking your dog. Please be reminded to clean up after your dog.

The Management has received constant feedback on the following,
1. Excessive noise level beyond 10 pm on weekends at the following locations:
 Block 45 – Stacks 18, 19 & 20,
 BBQ Pavilion,
 Outside Dining Rooms.

Residents are reminded to keep their volume down after 10 pm. There is a tendency of the amplification of sound especially when the activity levels are low at night.

2. Continuous dog barking.

The following location has been highlighted:
 Block 45– Stack 16, 19, 21.
 Block 41– Stack 14

Please refer the following link on excessive barking: –

Please be informed that Management reserves the right to wheel clamp vehicles that are: –

 Not parked in the designated lots (Visitor parking at residential lots; car parking at handicapped lots)
 Car Parking without Visitor Parking Slip after 12 midnight
 Car Parking without registration at the Management Office

The Management shall proceed to implement wheel clamping for car parking violations at Thomson Three.

An administrative release fee of $100 (subject to GST) will be imposed for the release of the wheel clamp.

Please visit the Management Office to register your car parking before 20 February 2019.

The Management had received feedback from a resident that she had received a crude message that was pasted on her main door on 7 January 2019. The message is with vulgarism towards her dogs.

We wish to advise that displaying crude message with vulgarism is inappropriate, as it promotes profanity within Thomson Three community and set a wrong example to others (i.e. younger generation).

Condominium living requires the kind co-operation of every resident to make Thomson Three a cordial and peaceful living environment for all. We seek the kind co-operation of all to remain respectful towards other people living in the community and observe the estate’s house rules.

For further clarification, please contact the Management Office at Tel: 6481 5246 or email: thomsonthree.ma@gmail.com.

Thank you.

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Angie Lim
Condominium Manager

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