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January 2019

Condominium Management
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Condominium Management

We would like to give an update on the Estate Matters for your kind attention.

Please find the link to the document here. Only Owners of units will have access to this document.

There had been an unfortunate case of a shower screen door shattering into pieces when forced open.

We are advised by the shower screen supplier for residents to contact them directly, should they require additional assistance in the rectification of their faulty showers screen doors. The highlighted areas need to be maintained or replaced for smooth usage.

YJ International Pte Ltd
Tel: 6353 6433

The Management has received constant feedback on the following,

1. Traces of cigarettes butts and ashes found on the balcony and air-conditioner ledge areas.

The following locations have been highlighted:

  • Block 43 – Stack 12 & 13,
  • Block 41 – Stacks 1 & 2.

2. Smoking activities at the balcony and air-conditioner ledge areas.

3. Traces of litter such as tissue papers and cooked rice on the balcony, planter areas and along the walkways.

The following location has been highlighted:

  • Block 41 – Stack 3.

4. Dripping water from wet laundry at the kitchen windows.

The following locations have been highlighted:

  • Block 45– Stack 18.

Please be reminded not to place wet mops over the window or balcony ledges to prevent water from dripping onto the units located on the lower levels.

5. Dogs’ urine observed at the doorway of the first-floor unit and common area.

There have been reports of dog’s urine found at the doorway of the first-floor unit at Block 45 and also the walkway area outside Block 45. Please be mindful when walking your dogs passing the doorway of the first- floor unit and also along the common walkway. Please always check and clean up after your dog.

The Management has received constant feedback on the following,
1. Excessive noise level beyond 10 pm on weekends at the following locations:

  • Block 45 – Stacks 18, 19 & 20,
  • BBQ Pavilion,
  • Outside Dining Rooms.

Residents are reminded to keep their volume down after 10pm. There is a tendency of the amplification of sound especially when the activity levels are low at night.

2. Continuous dog barking.

The following location has been highlighted:

  • Block 41– Stack 2.

Please refer the following link on excessive barking: –

Incidents of rubbish being stuck at the exit of the refuse chamber have been reported recently.

Large items such as cardboard should not be forced into the bin chute, this may result in a choke in the pneumatic system. Bulky refuse items should be brought to the estate’s bin centre for proper disposal.

There were reported cases of motorcycles parking in lots meant for cars. All motorcyclists are reminded to park at the designated lots.

The Management reserves the right to wheel clamp vehicles not parked in the designated lots.

An administrative release fee of $100 (subject to GST) will be imposed for the release of the wheel clamp.

A final notice has been issued to residents whose bicycle tags have expired in November 2018.

The Management will proceed to cut the locks of the affected bicycles and remove all personal items such as baby prams, market trolleys, e-scooters, toy cars, skateboards, etc. found in the car park from January 2019.

As such, please remove all unauthorised items immediately.

The Management will not accept any liability or claim arising from any damage or loss arising from the removal and disposal exercise.

We seek the resident’s kind co-operation to remain respectful towards the community by observing the estate’s house rules.

You may refer to the Resident’s Handbook for more information. If you require a copy, please obtain it from the Management Office by writing to us at thomsonthree.ma@gmail.com.

We have sent out the 1st EOGM Documents for the meeting scheduled on 19 January 2019, 10am at the Dining Room.

To be entitled to vote at the meeting, all contributions (including interests and other monies levied or recoverable by the Management Corporation) in respect of the strata lot must be paid by 16 January 2019, Wednesday, before 10am.

Please check on your eligibility to vote on the Notice Board on the 17 January 2019 and bring along your EOGM documents and identity card if you wish to attend the meeting.

We are pleased to announce the three convenience services installed at the waiting area located outside the Management Office at Block 45.

The following services are available:
• Drinks Vending Machine,
• Gardenia Bread Vending Machine (The bread availability date is to be further advised),
• Parcel Santa Locker (For retrieving parcel deliveries sent by authorized courier services).

Last but not least, the Management will like to wish all residents Happy New Year.

For further clarification, please contact the Management Office at Tel: 6481 5246 or email: thomsonthree.ma@gmail.com.

Thank you.

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Angie Lim
Condominium Manager

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