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March 2017

Condominium Management
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Condominium Management

We would like to update all Residents that it is now illegal for private home owners to lease out their properties for short-term accommodation. An existing Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) guideline against any short-term accommodation of less than six months in private residences was incorporated into the Planning Act after an amendment was passed in Parliament on 6 February 2017. The current penalties, whereby private home owners who lease their units for less than six months can be fined up to $200,000 and jailed for up to a year, remain unchanged. The above information are extracted from this link: (http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/short-term-home-rentals-airbnb-now-illegal-government-looking-changes)

We wish to advise that in Singapore, owners of both private residential properties and HDB flats should not sublet their premises on a short-term basis to tourists, as this will lead to high turnover of occupants and high human traffic, which could cause nuisance and safety concerns to the neighbours. Premises that are approved for residential use are for longer term stays of 6 months or more, under URA’s (Urban Redevelopment Authority) guidelines. Please refer to the URA’s website (http://www.ura.gov.sg) for more details.

We wish to emphasise that the Management & Security will do our utmost best to monitor such activities closely in Thomson Three. Any suspicious cases of such will be reported to URA for handling. We wish to seek for the assistance of the residents who notice any suspicious cases to keep the Management Office informed.

Rubbish bags are often found left along the common corridor, especially at Level 1 of Block 43 and Block 41 as observed recently. For a clean environment, we seek your co-operation to exercise proper disposal into the bin chute located within the bin chute chamber at every level.

Residents are also advice to tie up the breakable/ recyclable items such as glass bottles, used paper cartons and etc. and place it at the bin centre or recycle bin areas provided outside the B1 Lift Lobbies at every block. A designated recycled bin area was also located opposite House No. 29 at B1 Carpark for the Strata Houses.

We also wish to reiterate that for the disposal of bulky items such as washing machine, refrigerator, bed and cardboard or any of this kind, the residents have to engage their own disposal contractor to dispose them at their own expense.

For the benefits of all residents, the management would like to seek your co-operation to dispose your refuses considerately.

We also wish to seek for your co-operation not to place your personal items at the common area outside your unit as it is a requirement by the SCDF that it should be free of obstruction for easy access to escape routes in any emergencies. Stacking and placing of items at the common area is prohibited as it increases the likelihood of fire (Fire Hazards).

Please be advised that the Management Office has been issuing Advisory Notice(s) on the items that have been left at the common area. For the safety of all residents, we would appreciate if you could clear/ remove any of your belongings from the common area soonest possible.

Please be informed that we observed that there are some numbers of vehicles found without Car Decal pasted on the front window windscreen by the residents for overnight parking. Violation Notice(s) have been issued for cars without registration and/or without car decal.

To receive the Car Decal, please produce documentary proof of ownership and residence i.e. Vehicle Registration Book, Company Certification Letter (for company car), Lease Agreement (if tenanted), insurance, change of address reflected on the Singapore NRIC or on the Bill of the Singapore Power Services etc. when registering their car number and IU number of your vehicle at the Management Office.

The car label must be displayed prominently at the top left hand corner (from driver’s seat) of the front windscreen at all times for easy identification by the security personnel.

Please be informed that there have been several feedbacks on the gyms with regards to the usage. We wish to highlight the following points pertaining to the feedback received recently. Please find the house rules on Gymnasium under Page 71 of the Resident Handbook as follows:-

2. The gymnasium is for the exclusive use by the residents and their invited guests only. Guests must be accompanied by their hosts who shall ensure that their guests comply with the rules and regulations contained herein. The maximum number of guests per unit who may use the gymnasium shall not exceed two (2) at any one time. Priorities will be given to Residents.
3. Users are advised to bring along their Resident Pass for identification purpose while using the gymnasium.
4. Residents should read the instructions provided before using the equipment. Due care must be exercised when using the equipment to avoid accidents and damages. No equipment shall be removed from the gymnasium.
5. Users are to limit the use of the cardio workout to thirty (30) minutes.
6. For hygienic reasons and the purpose of the equipment, residents are required to use a towel to lay on the equipment during use.

Please be mindful about the above-mentioned house rules and use the gymnasium considerably for the others.

Please be advised that the Car Driver(s) should drive towards the car park by making a turn at the roundabout before driving towards the Car Park Ramp instead of driving in by cutting into the exit lane.

Please find the illustration as per the pic below.

Angie_signature PNG

There have been several incidences where vehicles are driving in a wrong direction and this may potentially cause unforeseen accidents to occur.

We also wish to highlight that the area on the left side is also a pedestrian walkway and driver should take extra cautious when driving towards the roundabout.

In view of the above, we strongly seek the cooperation of all drivers to drive with cautious and in due diligence by driving at slow speed when approaching the concerned junction to avoid and minimize any traffic incidents around the estate.

We have received numerous feedback with regards to the conditions of the temporary pathway outside the Back Gate of Thomson Three.

We wish to share with you that the Developer on good faith during the construction stage took the initiative to discuss and seek approval with the relevant Authorities to provide a back gate for the development due to consideration for residents taking public transport buses at the nearest bus stop located at Sin Ming Ave. As such, approval was obtained from the Authorities for the provision of the back gate. Nevertheless, the grass turf outside the back gate/boundary wall belongs to Bishan Toa Payoh Town Council property and as such, we are not allowed to construct anything on their land.

Upon checked with them, they mentioned as this area only benefits the residents staying at Thomson Three, they would not want to add on any costs to the Town Council by doing a proper pathway for this area. However, they do not have any objections if the Management of Thomson Three decided to build a proper pathway for their Residents.

As the management, currently is not empowered to expend any funds for any works which are not within the property of Thomson Three, therefore the Management would hold this matter for the 1st MC to decide after the 1st AGM, when the 1st MC is formed.

In the meantime, the Management Office has done up some improvement works by re-arranging the tiles of the temporary pathway for the better access of the Resident.

For your own safety, please exercise extra cautious and in due diligent when accessing the temporary pathway.

We wish to advise that at this point of time, there is no washing bay allocated at Thomson Three.

For the issue of the Car Washing Bay, it would only be discussed and reviewed on the 1st AGM which could only happen in 12 to 16 months’ time.

At the time being, please be advised that washing of the car at the car park is not allowed. We seek for your co-operation to look for alternative washing outside the estate.

We sincerely apologise for any inconveniences caused.

We have received feedback that some residents whom have unleashed the dog(s) when walking the dog(s) at the common facility area. The unleashed dog(s) was/were also seen running around the common walkway outside the Dining Room(s).

We wish to advise all pet owners to keep their dog(s) on leashes and under control of their owners at all times as it may frighten the other residents when they are at the same area.

Please find the house rules on Pet under Page 54 of the Resident Handbook. Please find the extract of Point 4 a) as follows:

4. Residents with household pets shall observe the following rules: –

a) To fill in the Pet’s Record Form with photograph of pet(s) submitted
b) Pets shall not be allowed in common areas. When in transit, they shall be carried or held on a leash
c) Pets shall not be allowed in the recreational areas under any circumstances
d) Residents shall clean up the waste of the pets left in the common areas
e) Residents shall be responsible for the cost of repairing and cleaning of areas being damaged or littered by their pets
f) No feeding of any stray on the common areas.

The Management would like to seek the cooperation of all the Residents to keep the facility areas safe and clean for the other users.

For any questions or concerns, feel free to call the Management Office at +6564815246 or send an email to thomsonthree.ma@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Angie_signature PNG

Angie Lim

Condominium Manager

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