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May 2017

Condominium Management
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Condominium Management

High rise littering such as lighted/ used cigarette butts and other debris are often found landed on the balconies or PES of the ground floor units. These had then also affected the enjoyment of the PES and balconies by your fellow neighbours.

We wish to reiterate about the dangers and risks inflicted onto your neighbours and their properties caused by the high-risk littering. Please be mindful that high flooring littering poses risks to the people at the lower floors and may also cause damages to the properties. It may also cause serious injuries or taking the lives of a person away!

Please also be advised that Residents shall be responsible for the conduct of his/ her family members and invitees at times, ensuring their behaviour is neither offensive to other occupants of the building nor damaging to any portion of the private/ common property. For the cleanliness and safety of the estate, we seek for your kind assistance to ensure that the affiliates of your unit; and/or yourself do not dispose any items from your window, balconies and backyard.

To increase your awareness of high rise littering, please be informed that the Management has started to hand out Circular to the higher floor units to advise that the Private Enclosed Space of their neighbours for the affected stacks with the reported cases of high rise littering and seek for the neighbours’ considerations.

Pertaining to the numerous feedbacks by residents to improve some areas of concerns along the Driveway from the Entrance/ Exit to the Car Park, please be updated that the Developer & Architect are still reviewing the matter. They may require some time to study into the design and made consultation with the relevant authorities on this matter. We shall keep the residents informed with further updates once we received its progress.

Please be advised that the Car Driver(s) are to drive with low speed i.e. 15 km/ hr and with cautious along the Driveway from Entrance/ Exit towards the in/ Out Car Park in view of the safety of the pedestrians along the Walkway and also to watch out for cars that could have cut into your lane along the way.

Please also drive towards the car park by making a turn at the roundabout before driving towards the Car Park Ramp instead of driving in by cutting into the exit lane.

The management are still receiving feedback on incidences where vehicles are driving in high speed, wrong direction and cutting into opposite lane; and such reckless driving will potentially cause unforeseen accidents to occur.

For the safety of the pedestrians and all road users at Thomson Three, we strongly seek the cooperation of all drivers to drive with cautious and in due diligence by driving at slow speed i.e. 15km/ hour when approaching the concerned junction and along the Driveway to avoid and minimise any traffic incidents around the estate.

Our office has learnt from LTA that they have received numerous feedbacks from the traffic police and members of the public that many exiting vehicles from Thomson Three are speeding out onto Bright Hill Drive without looking onto the traffic. We wish to highlight that this caused safety concerns to other road users i.e. motorists and pedestrians at Bright Hill Drive. For the safety of others, please be advised to stop at the exit driveway; please check your left and your right to look out for motorist and pedestrians before turning into Bright Hill Drive.

We wish to advise all residents that the Disabled Parking Lots at Basement 1 Car Park are solely for the parking of the Car Driver with Class 2 Car Park Label Scheme issued by SG Enable that enables passengers with physical disabilities/medical conditions. It is also for passenger with physical disabilities/medical conditions who are ferried by their family members to park temporarily at the accessible parking lots to embark and disembark from the vehicles. Please do not park at the Disabled Parking Lots in considerations for the physical disabled person(s).

If you observe that the Disable Parking Lots have been parked by person(s) who are not physically disabled, please assist to inform the Management Office at 6481 5246 during office hours or contact the Guards at 6481 5491 during non-office hours.

We observed that the Gym is often used by the Residents and this has somehow affected our cleaning process. In view of the high usage by the Residents, we are arranging the Gym to be closed and facilitate cleaning works on a daily basis from 1.30 pm to 2 pm starting from 8 May 2017. We seek the co-operation from the gym users on this matter. We apologise for any inconveniences caused and seek for your understanding on the 30 minutes closure during cleaning.

As part of an annual exercise of proper disposal of bulk waste, please be informed that we have arranged with our Refuse Disposal Company, M/S Veolia Environmental Services to make arrangement for a skip tank to be provided in the estate for any bulky items disposal. The skip tank will be placed along the sub-station from 19 May 2017 (Deliver) to 26 May 2017 (Collection).

If you have any bulky waste, please do make arrangement to bring down to the skip tank before 25 May 2017.

Last but not least, we seek your assistance and co-operation on the above to promote good neighbourliness among your residents.

For any questions or concerns, feel free to call the Management Office at +6564815246 or send an email to thomsonthree.ma@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

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Angie Lim

Condominium Manager

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