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September 2017

Condominium Management
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Condominium Management

Over the months, our office has been constantly receiving feedbacks on lighted cigarette butts and/or other items found landed on the Balconies or Private Enclosed Space of the unit. Most recent observations were noted at Stack No. 5 of Block 43 and Stack 3, 4 or Block 41.

We wish to reiterate that high-rise littering is a serious offence as it causes injuries and may take the lives of a person away if the cigarettes butts are still lighted or when falling items landed on someone. Residents are reminded to be responsible for the conduct of his/ her family members and invitees at times, ensuring their behaviour is neither offensive to other occupants of the building nor damaging to any portion of the private/ common property. For the safety and cleanliness of the estate, please ensure that the affiliates of your unit; and/or yourself do not dispose any items from your window, balconies and backyard; as any high floor littering do pose a serious risk to the people at the lower floors and may also cause damages to the properties.

If you witness anyone committing high-rise littering, please contact the Management Office at 6481 5246 during office hour or the Guards at 6481 5491 and/or write in to thomsonthree.ma@gmail.com. We would not hesitate to refer the matter to NEA or the Police for handling.

There are constant feedbacks on traces of cigarettes smokes at the open balconies or sometimes, near the aircon condenser area. We wish to advise Residents who have been smoking within the unit to refrain from smoking at the balconies of your unit as the smoke may rise intensively up to the units’ right above and/ or beside.

For the consideration of your neighbours, please smoke within your unit with your window/ balconies open for air circulation. Please also be reminded that smoking is not allowed at these facilities/ places as per regulations imposed by the National Environment Agency (NEA): – Basement Car Parks/ Corridors/ Cover Walkways and Link ways/Common Indoor Areas & Facilities/ Common Outdoor Areas & Facilities/ Lift Lobbies/ Playground/ Staircases/ Stairwell/ Swimming Pools/ Tennis Court/ Tower Lobbies

With the removal exercise of the lift interior protection since July 2017, we had observed scratches found on the lift interior surfaces inside one of the lift car (PL 6) at Block 45. The scratches are found to be a deliberate and intentional act caused by someone. This is a form of vandalism to the Common Property.

We seek the co-operation and assistance from all residents to handle the Common Property with care, as any damages cause to the Common Property will incur rectification costs. These may act burden to your rising Maintenance/ Sinking Funds thereafter. Please do your part to protect and maintain the estate properties so as to avoid paying for high maintenance costs.

We wish to reiterate that under the Building and Management Strata Act (BMSMA), the Strata Roll must contain an address within Singapore for the purpose of sending notices and correspondences. Under the BMSMA, it is also the duty of the SP to ensure that the billing address has been updated with the Managing Agent and the SP is to pay the Maintenance Fee before the payment due date. Please provide us with an updated address in Singapore so that the important correspondences such as quarterly billing can be delivered promptly to you. There are concerns that quarterly tax invoices and letters may be undelivered and causes non-receipt of the documents. It may also cause late payment interests to be incurred thereafter.

Please collect and submit the Notice of Change of Address Form at the Management Office should you like us to update your latest correspondences addresses under the Strata Roll.

Feedbacks on rodent activities were received from the Residents at the facility areas; particularly around the Outdoor Grille & BBQ Stations. With that, we have enlisted our Pest Control company to conduct more intensive checks around the vicinity and we have also treated the identified burrows in the estate. The burrows are under treated and the rodent activities are currently under controlled.

A joint effort in combating the rodent activities at the estate, we would also like to seek the cooperation of the residents to tie the unwanted foods debris and ensure that the bins provided are properly covered after the end of your functions. We trust that with the cohesive efforts of everyone, and close follow up by the pest control company; the rodent activities at the estate will be well controlled.

We have received feedback that some residents left the dogs locked out at the balconies of the units. As such, it resulted in constant barking from the dogs left at the balconies of the unit. As a responsible pet owner and considerate neighbours, we seek for your consideration to look into appropriate noise control trainings/ solutions to better manage the dogs barking. You may also refer to AVA Website: http://www.ava.gov.sg for some guidelines on advisories on Barking Dog.

There are also feedback by residents on dog poos and urine found along the walkway within the estate. We wish to advise all pet owners to pick up your dog poos responsibility. Please do not allow your dogs to pee at the landscape of the estate as the urine would affect the aesthetic of the landscaping in the long runs. Please also do not throw the dog poos into the trash bins of the private houses opposite the road of our estate as per the feedback on this from our neighbours of the private houses. Please tie up the plastic of dog poo property before throwing it into the Trash Bin placed at the left-hand side of the Guardhouse.

Please find the house rules on Pet under Page 54 of the Resident Handbook. Please find the extract of Point 4 a) as follows:

4. Residents with household pets shall observe the following rules: –

a) To fill in the Pet’s Record Form with photograph of pet(s) submitted
b) Pets shall not be allowed in common areas. When in transit, they shall be carried or held on a leash
c) Pets shall not be allowed in the recreational areas under any circumstances
d) Residents shall clean up the waste of the pets left in the common areas
e) Residents shall be responsible for the cost of repairing and cleaning of areas being damaged or littered by their pets
f) No feeding of any stray on the common areas.

We would like to emphasize the following House Rules stated on Page 7 the Resident Handbook: –

7. No goods or any other items shall be stored in the common areas.

We would to highlight that the area along your corridor is a common area and it is a requirement by the SCDF that it should be free of obstruction for easy access to escape routes in any emergencies. Stacking and placing of items at the common area is prohibited as it increases the likelihood of fire (Fire Hazards). Some examples of the common areas at Thomson Three are:

1. Along the fire lift corridors and staircases of the Blocks
2. Along the walkway outside the Balconies at Level 1 of the Blocks and the Strata Houses
3. The common area at B1 Parking Lots outside the Strata Houses

For the safety of all residents, we would appreciate if you could clear/ remove any of your belongings from the common area soonest possible. This is also necessary to avoid any fines by SCDF on obstruction at common area.

We observed that there have been several reports of bulky items, refuse, furniture and or carton boxes left at the corridor and staircases at the level of the block. The most recent observations were noted at Level 9 and 20 of Block 43.

There were also feedback that there were debris left or have been swept from the unit onto the common corridor. The most recent observations were noted at Level 8 of Block 43 and level 21 of Block 45.

We wish to advise all residents to dispose general wastes inside the bin chute located inside the refuse chamber. Please also tie up the breakable/ recyclable items such as glass bottles, used paper cartons and etc. and place it at the bin centre or recycle bin areas provided outside the B1 Lift Lobbies at every block. There is also 1 recycle bin area opposite House No. 29 at B1 Carpark for the Strata Houses.

For disposal of bulky items such as washing machine, refrigerator, bed and cardboard or any of this kind, the residents have to engage their own disposal contractor to dispose them at their own expense.

The Management would like to seek the cooperation of all the Residents to keep the facility areas safe and clean for the other users.

We seek your assistance and co-operation on the above to promote good neighbourliness among your residents.

Last but not least, our Management Office wish to take this opportunity to wish all residents of Thomson Three a “Selamat Hari Raya Haji”.

For any questions or concerns, feel free to call the Management Office at +6564815246 or send an email to thomsonthree.ma@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

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Angie Lim
Condominium Manager

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